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Unlock a world of opportunities with the 1trepreneur Card. Gain access to exclusive perks and resources designed to supercharge your entrepreneurial journey in Dubai & UAE.

Perks & Benefits

Gain a competitive edge in the entrepreneurial landscape with the 1trepreneur Card. Elevate your journey through a wealth of exclusive benefits and strategic introductions.

Founder Lounges

Relax and work in style at 300+ prime seats across the UAE for free

Discounted Trade License

Benefit from strategic alliances with prominent licence issuers in UAE

Government & Corporate Connections

Gain exclusive introductions to corporate & Govt partners, opening doors to potential collaborations, clients, and strategic alliances

Founder Meetups

Join our monthly gatherings where visionaries share ideas, tackle challenges, and create magic together

Additional Benefits

Investor Introductions : Get five guaranteed investor introductions upon business verification, subject to approval by the 1trepreneur panel.

University Partnerships : Connect with the next generation of innovators through our strategic alliances with universities.

Seamless Check-In : Use our dedicated app or web page to check seat availability across different locations effortlessly.

Tech Giants' Perks : Enjoy exclusive benefits from Amazon, Google, and other SAAS providers.

Angel Syndicate Access : Gain entry to the 1trepreneur Angels Syndicate, powered by industry leaders. Share in the equity revolution.

Legal and Setup Support : Navigate legalities and set up your company with ease, thanks to our network of trusted partners.

Exclusive perks for 1trepreneur card holders

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Is 1trepreneur an accelerator or incubator?

No. 1trepreneur focuses on founder-to-founder mentoring & networking, and we do not currently provide any funding to 1trepreneur companies. We don’t make any money from 1trepreneur. Instead, we provide guidance, access to investors, and distribution channels to give founders more leverage in the fundraising & growth process.

Why is 1trepreneur doing this?

We want to help entrepreneurs & founders succeed, and we know that mentoring & networking are the road to growth. 1trepreneur is our attempt to remove some of the obstacles that founders face when bootstrapping, launching, growing, and fundraising before Series A so it’s easier for them to succeed.

Who will my information be shared with?

We have a private database that will only be available to our network of mentors & mentees. So we won’t share any information publicly.

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